Our Mission


Penn’s Center for Neuroengineering & Therapeutics is working to develop and test new devices that can restore brain and nervous system function after it has been lost to disease or disability.

We represent a versatile community of researchers who share three aims:

MAP the neural code in brain and nervous system disorders and discover how it can be manipulated to improve or restore function.

ENGINEER new mapping and treatment technologies that can be translated into patient care and improve lives.

EDUCATE emerging leaders in this field at the interface of clinical medicine, engineering, neuroscience, and industry.

Featured Lab

Litt Lab

The Litt laboratory translates NeuroEngineering research directly into patient care. We collaborate broadly across disciplines to invent, develop and test new technologies and apply them to basic and clinical research.  While epilepsy is the lab’s core focus, our multidisciplinary efforts span a variety of scientific and clinical areas, including brain-machine interfaces, functional neurosurgery, network and computational neuroscience, movement disorders, intra-operative and ICU monitoring, and a broad array of “brain network” disorders.


Cullen Lab

Penn-Engineered Neural Networks Show Hope for Axonal Repair in the Brain, with Minimal Disruption to Brain Tissue. From Penn Medicine in the News. 19-JAN-2016.

D. Kacy Cullen, PhD, a CNT researcher, has been featured for his work in engineered neural networks...


Transparent Neural Electrodes Made of Graphene for Studying Dynamics of Brain Circuits

2015 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting & Exhibit

 CNT Postdoctoral Researcher, Duygu Kuzum, will be presenting some of her work at the 2015...